Mariann Benko Pilates

Pilates classes in Highgate, Crouch End, Harringey, Camden, North London, North West London


I have been doing Pilates with Mariann for over 3 years now and I have enjoyed the classes from day one. Mariann is an excellent teacher who is patient and encouraging. Pilates has made a huge impact on my health -- in addition to obvious benefits such as increased toning, flexibility, and an improved core, I am also much more aware of my body and posture throughout normal everyday activities, which I know will have long-term impacts on my well being. My favourite thing about the sessions is that really are tailored to all levels, so you can choose the degree of difficulty depending on your level and how you feel that day. I leave every session feeling stronger and calmer. I thoroughly recommend Mariann's classes.


After 2 spinal operations on my lower back I was advised by my physio to start Pilates as next phase of my recovery. I was a bit worried about Pilates at first as I'd been through so much already. I felt I needed to find someone with this type of expertise and that I could really trust to do very careful and specific 1-2-1 lower back recovery work. I'm so pleased that I eventually found Mariann! She has been so patient, relaxed, understanding and encouraging with me as well as being friendly and great fun to work with. I can now sit down comfortably for long periods of time, walk fast for long distances and my whole body shape and posture has improved dramatically, so much so that my friends and family keep commenting on it! I now have more strength and confidence with my body and feel like I'm moving positively forward after such a difficult injury. I highly highly recommend Mariann to anyone looking for starting Pilates!


I have been going to Mariann's Pilates classes for 3 years now and have improved my strength and fitness to a very good level. I am 70 years old and I tried a couple of other classes before but did not like them at all, they were too trendy and loud! I like the feeling of peace in the room, even though we are working hard. I am much older than some others in the class, but Mariann quietly helps me join in when I cannot quite manage certain exercises and finds other ways to suit me. My recurring sciatica is now no longer a problem and my posture is much better. I would highly recommend this class.


Mariann is truly an excellent Pilates teacher: I have practised with her groups for 2 years and could feel and see the positive impact on my body and posture. Her individual approach ensures you can adapt the sessions to your own pace; positions are always clearly explained and exercises are regularly refreshed. Mariann is a particularly cheerful teacher, with a very positive attitude that I felt was so beneficial for me. As a result I was finally exercising regularly for the first time in years! I felt very energised, much stronger and more relaxed as I recovered from the impacts of my second pregnancy. I strongly recommend her as a teacher whatever your Pilates level is!


I have been doing Pilates for very many years with a variety of instructors to help compensate for the weakness and pain in my lower back caused by arthritis in my spine. It has always been important to me that my instructor understands my needs and ensures that my alignment is correct in order that I get the benefits that I am seeking for. Mariann always takes account of any difficulties or limitations I have by suggesting how I can best work to overcome them."

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